Welcome to Andere Corp.

Are you starting your HR journey?

Are you an HR pro that wants tools to simplify their day ?

Wherever you are in your HR & Payroll career, at Andere, we have the experience and resources to offer you a helping hand along the way.
From getting prepared to take your certification exam, to discussing the fine points of newly enacted laws, there is a place for you in our community.
Get to know us & what we do, and you too could find a place among the thousands of community members that make up the different parts of Andere Corp.

Protect Your Company. Be Audit-Secure

Andere is based around one guiding principal. That is, to keep the companies our community members are a part of safe.

How does that happen, though?

Well, it starts with you taking the reigns. We can give you the tools for whatever point in your career you're at, but you need to be the one to use them.

The reality, though, is that there's no such thing as being audit-proof. You're always at the mercy of a possible audit. However, you can use the tools Andere offers to be audit-secure™. Safe in the knowledge that if you follow our guidance you can make it through any audit you may find yourself in.

Rarely do we see someone who follows our guidance that fails. If you trust the process and commit to being audit-secure™, you can find security and protect your business for years to come!


Some of Our Community Members Include...

These are some of the larger companies we work with, but we've always worked with everyone big and small.

There is no company that is too small for us to support, and we offer 1-on-1 contact with our SPHR certified email support to everyone that needs it. Rest assured that if you're a part of our community, you will be well taken care of.

From the aforementioned 1-on-1 support, to our social media groups where people share their questions, thoughtful opinions, and stories, you will certainly find a comfortable place to fit in.

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Training to take on HR with Boss calls

Join Lisa Smith, SPHR, SCP & EEOC Certified Investigator for a twice monthly discussion about the latest changes to HR laws & regulations that we need to get prepared for. Lisa also often has experienced guest speakers that include Attorneys, EEOC Investigators, Other HR training professionals & more! 

  • Twice-monthly 90 minute discussions on HR & Payroll law
  • Submit any questions you have on the subject to be answered during the call
  • All recordings and transcripts are available to members after each call

Prepare Yourself & Your Employees At AnderePrepsU

Did you know that people who hold certifications earn at least 40% or more money over their career?
Get ready to take your career in HR to a whole new level with AnderePrepsU.com
We prepare you to be a more effective HR manager and help you tackle employee training.

We'll Help You With...

  • PHR/SPHR Test prep courses
  • Test prep boot camps throughout the year
  • Microsoft Excel training for you & all your employees
  • Employee Training Tool Kit - includes harassment, gossip & more courses that go over and above state-required training for your employees.



Unmatched Support

Do you want an SPHR Certified HR Manager as a personal Assistant?

Imagine if you could send an email with a detailed explanation of the issue. Then, this assistant would do specific research for you. They would save you time and find the answers to those complicated "what if" or "how should we proceed" type questions.

This assistant would give you statutes, laws or court cases to help explain and apply the answer.

We have a team of HR Subject Matter Experts waiting to be your 


The Largest HR Resource Bank

In the Industry

We have THOUSANDS of pages of forms, documents, policies and procedures inside of 4 different libraries you can choose from to fit your needs. 

And if we don't have something you need? We'll make it for you.

These are just some ideas of everything we have to offer you...

Hundreds of Sample Policy and Procedure Manuals for all 50 States. Sample Job Descriptions, HIPAA Compliance Guide with Policies and Procedures. Records Retention Guide * Over 140 documents addressed*Davis-Bacon Guidance, FMLA Guidance-What is Legal and What is Not? USERRA Guidance,  HR Sample Documents, Contracts, Policies and Letters, Hot Tips and FAQs - 1-9, FLSA, Taxable Benefits. Overtime Exemptions Audit Process, Internal Audit Checklists, Wage Garnishment Guidance,  1-9 Compliance Guide, Electronic New-Hire Reporting Links by State, Wage and Hour Guide by State, Meals and Break Requirements by State, Overtime Requirements by State, The FLSA in Full, The DOL Field Operations Guide, Independent Contractor Classification Guidance, 1500+ FAQS from Members.



The Tools You Need, All in One Place

Most companies charge extra for Apps and Tools. Everything we offer in our HelpDeskforHR membership is included in one price.

  • Employee Handbook Creator 
  • New Job Description Writer 
  • Blended Overtime Calculator
  • I-9 Retention Calculators
  • Regular rate Calculators with Special Considerations
  • Performance Evaluation Center with Employee Performance Evaluation
  • Performance Improvement Form (PIP)
  • Upward Evaluation Forms
  • 360-Degree Performance Evaluation Form.
  • Standard Operating Procedure Writer

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Sign up for our newsletter today and enjoy access to all the latest HR news and keep up with new products and offers that Andere is bringing to all our members.