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Unmatched Support

It's like having an Experienced SPHR Credentialed Professional as an Assistant!

Imagine if you could send an email with a detailed explanation of the issue. Then, this assistant would do specific research for you. They would save you time and find the answers to those complicated "what if" or "how should we proceed" type questions.

This assistant would give you statutes, laws or court cases to help explain and apply the answer.

We have a team of HR Subject Matter Experts waiting to be your HR Compliance HelpDesk!

Email from a Customer...

"Hi Lisa,
I want to thank you sincerely not only for your fast response, but for also being my guide to discover where I truly want to be. 
I was the Recruiter for my current company up until 2019 when I was promoted to be an Employee Relations Coordinator in training to work and train alongside the HR Director. 
I knew minimum of the field, but I was so excited and ready to learn. (Be careful what you ask for.)
In the same week of my promotion ready to learn, the HR Director, HR Assistant, Benefits Manager jumped ships, without warning. I was left with a new internally promoted recruiter to train with no experience. 
I attempted to keep the department afloat as we have other stores to keep running smoothly and didn't want them to be penalized.
Rewind a bit further, a few months before they all left, I attended a seminar and was presented with the HelpDeskSuite. It was love at first sight, than I came back to the office and asked the HR Director to approve. She was a bit hesitant, but when I told her I would purchase out of pocket because I solely believed it would be useful, she approved it. It was almost like her parting gift without me even knowing it.
Let me tell you, the HelpDesk Deluxe Suite and the podcasts Small business spoonfuls, has been my salvation. It has guided me to provide best case options. Our company went through a lot last year, or maybe it felt that way with me handling the problems. 
One of the biggest saviors was advice with I-9's. We began our own audit and discovered a mess and started working on them to correct them. Needless to say months later, we had an ICE audit. I was so worried because I was unsure if we did the corrections correctly or not, but we had all I-9's in place have not heard back from them over 7 months now. 
I can not thank you enough Lisa, for letting me find my passion. I am studying to test for the PHR towards the end of the year, and I just wanted to thank you for being that guide I needed to find what I truly enjoy doing."


The Largest HR Resource Bank in the Industry.

Hundreds of Sample Policy and Procedure Manuals for all 50 States! Sample Job Descriptions, HIPAA Compliance Guide with Policies and Procedures.Records Retention Guide * Over 140 documents addressed*Davis-Bacon Guidance, FMLA Guidance-What is Legal and What is Not? USERRA Guidance,  HR Sample Documents, Contracts, Policies and Letters, Hot Tips and FAQs - 1-9, FLSA, Taxable Benefits. Overtime Exemptions Audit Process, Internal Audit Checklists, Wage Garnishment Guidance,  1-9 Compliance Guide, Electronic New-Hire Reporting Links by State, Wage and Hour Guide by State, Meals and Break Requirements by State, Overtime Requirements by State, The FLSA in Full, The DOL Field Operations Guide, Independent Contractor Classification Guidance, 1500+ FAQS from Members.

Checkout this short video about HelpDesk Suite Deluxe.


The Tools You Need to Succeed included. 

Most companies charge extra for Apps and Tools included in your membership is

  • Employee Handbook Creator 
  • New Job Description Writer 
  • Blended Overtime Calculator
  • I-9 Retention Calculators
  • Regular rate Calculators with Special Considerations
  • Performance Evaluation Center with Employee Performance Evaluation
  • Performance Improvement Form (PIP)
  • Upward Evaluation Forms
  • 360-Degree Performance Evaluation Form.
  • Standard Operating Procedure Writer

Customer stories about our community

Melissa B. - GA.

I love this group and Lisa! I’m thankful that I have a place where I can come and get good sound advice and information. I appreciate that Lisa does the leg work for me because honestly I don’t have time to do my accounting, payroll, HR job AND stay up to date on all the news. 

I took on payroll and HR responsibilities in February. My background has 18 years of accounting but no HR/payroll. When I have a new situation and I’m uncertain I can come here and hear Lisa’s thoughts as well as the thoughts and suggestions from other people in this field. I would be totally lost without this group and HelpDesk Suites.

Lissette S - VA.

So like many, I have multiple hats, I am in finance and took over payroll and collaborate with the HR director for decisions and compliance in the department. I am also the office manager and more.....I have struggled to get good advise, information and a good network of individuals that go thru the same issues we do. 
Finding good resources while extremely busy has been a God send. I can not thank enough all the information I get. 
The addition of ask a lawyer has exponentially elevated this resource and helpdesksuite is amazing.
Having a former auditor explain with such detail has no price

Molly P.  - KY.

Love this group and Lisa is so amazing. I don't even know where to find the information she finds! And having articles to print and take to upper management to support what I'm trying to get across is invaluable. Now when we have an issue our president will say "ask your peeps". That's you all!! Thanks so much!

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