Is your employee base growing?

   Have your employees spilled out from corporate offices to branch locations, to those who telecommute or work remotely?

   With all these locations and remote workers, labor law posters in break-rooms or shared spaces are no longer sufficient. 

   How can you provide easy access to postings regardless of where your employees work at an affordable price?

   The team here at Be Audit-Secure asked these questions, too. The result?  The Be Audit-Secure ePoster Club, an online tool that allows members to deliver the most current labor law postings to your employees through your company’s intranet or email system.

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$299/annually(usually $549/annually) for all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and District of Columbia!


Purchase by state $69/annually.

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Why Use The Be Audit-Secure ePoster Club?

ePoster Club

 Our ePoster Club is updated monthly with all of the state and federal ePosters that your workplace is required to maintain for your employees. With our ePoster Club, you can stay consistently compliant with various OSHA and FSLA standards.

With the Be Audit-Secure ePoster

Club our members can...

  • Access digital copies of the most current federal, state, county, and city postings; languages include English and agency-translated Spanish (where applicable)
  • Find optional ePosters provided by your local authorities based on your industry without the hassle of digging through government websites
  • Receive automatic update and alerts regarding new postings whenever changes occur
  • Quickly find your local ePosters with our user-friendly interactive map featuring all 50 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico

Simple and Secure Setup

 Becoming a member of the Be Audit-Secure ePoster Club is super simple.

 Just register and pay your annual membership fee. Then log in to your account, select ePoster Club and enjoy the ease and personal control over creating and distributing always current posters

The Be Audit-Secure ePoster Club Is...

​ Easily accessible to all of our members and is a big help to those working outside your official locations.

  • Click a state or territory on the map
  • Choose pdf from the list of ePosters
  • View and download the PDF
  • Upload to your intranet or email to your remote workers
  • Print copies of the ePosters and hang them in locked cases, laminate them, or attach them as-is to a bulletin board. Easy Peasy!

We use our experience to create yours

About Lisa Smith

   Lisa Smith is CEO of Andere Corporation, SPHR certified, and a professional trainer on a number of business related subjects. Follow her on Twitter, connect with her on LinkedIn, listen to her Small Business Spoonfuls Podcast, and find more in her Compliance Warriors Facebook Group.

 Our staff has decades of experience in the world of Business Managment and HR, starting with our CEO Lisa Smith. Teaching classes about payroll, HR compliance, and managing those branches of several businesses she's stayed busy over the years. Being in constant contact with other professionals has helped her tune in to what businesses want and need in their tool belt to help them keep on the right track of being audit secure.